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The following articles have all been published in the Malawian Water Sector Magazine, published by The Water Service Association of Malawi (WASAMA). Together they give an overview of the Madzi Alipo platform and management system.

This article provides a glimpse of the scale of the Madzi Alipo platform, the data it captures and some of the agencies using the system. Click on the PDF to view the article and understand a bit more of the vision and purpose of the database.

The Madzi Alipo database is a platorm to manage, analyse and use your data along with that of multiple other agencies. This article demonstrates how the Madzi Alipo team are practically applying the database to facilitate sustainable programs. Click on the PDF to see how the Madzi Alipo app encourgaes communication between any agencies with WASH programs in Malawi.

Click on the PDF to see How you can get involved in and begin to make the most of the Madzi Alipo database.

A more detailed run down of how the app works and the depth of information available.

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