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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy has been compiled to help you understand what data is collected by the Madzi Alipo App and Database, why it is collected and how it is used and shared amongst users. Please take the time to read the following information carefully and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

Your Personal Data:

What personal information do we collect from users and why?                  

​​The minimum requirement for setting up a personal account to the Madzi Alipo database is through supplying your full name and email address. This  basic information is used to create your user account and to link any data collected to yourself. Additional information collected includes a contact  telephone number, the country you reside in and the agency you are affiliated with. This information is collected to allow for ease of correspondence   between users and agencies. Some data collected in this app link individual users to GPS locations, dates and times. This data will be permanently recorded and available for others to view and access.

Management of personal information.

We aim to provide you with an easy solution to update or delete your information, through the user management section on the dashboard. When updating your information, you will be required to log into the database to prove your identify. It is the role of the agency admin for each agency to oversee the information of its users and to ensure that the information is kept up to date. If you wish to remove your account but have data added within the system, we kindly request that you “retire” your account.

Sharing Personal Information.

Madzi Alipo will not share the personal details of users with companies, organisations or individuals outside of the Madzi Alipo Database without their consent. As part of the end user agreement each user within the system agrees to abide by this rule and not share the personal information of any individual outside of the MA system without consent. We may need to disclose your information if required to by law. 

Water Point Data:

What water point data do we collect and store from the app?

  • Contact details of committee members will be collected and stored, linking individuals to water points to assist in the monitoring of the water point status. These will be uploaded by agencies when given with informed verbal consent and viewing these details will be limited to those working in water point repair, monitoring, and maintenance.

  • Photos and images uploaded via the app can be viewed on both the app and the central database having been obtained with informed verbal consent. Through using the app, the user consents to having the photos uploaded, available and viewable by other database users.  

  • Each organization holds a responsibility to gain informed verbal consent before adding personal data/photographs to the database.

How do we use this information?

The data is used to inform and enable the work of the Madzi Alipo project and other agencies working across the globe as they seek to ensure that people around the world have access to safe, clean drinking water. It will be used in the maintenance and monitoring of water points as a planning tool, to gain understanding of the real time situation of water points on the ground. Additionally, agency information provides a useful map of where resources are being deployed, to help maximize resources and communications between agencies.

Storage of Data:

All data collected within this app is stored in the Madzi Alipo Database. By using the app, you understand and agree that:

  • All data collected via this app will be securely transferable to the Madzi Alipo online database​​.

  • The app will collect and store information locally on your device until such a time as you upload data and log out of the app.

  • All data collected via this app becomes a permanent historical record that Madzi Alipo partners can view and access.

  • An agency can import and export their own data too and from the database at any point in time. However, any data imported or collected via this app will become the property of the Madzi alipo project and will remain in the system, even if your organisation chooses to withdraw from the programme at future date.

Information Security:

The Madzi Alipo team strive to protect the Madzi Alipo Database and users from unauthorized access and alterations to the data held. Data is stored on secured servers located in Ireland with end to end encryption protecting any data being transferred between the app and the server. Whilst the Madzi Alipo team strive to protect all the data on the database, we cannot guarantee 100% security for the transmission of the data over the internet therefore information is added at your own risk.

Data may be shared between partner users, service providers and other organisations who share the same vision and objectives of the Madzi Alipo project (Point 2.2).  The Madzi Alipo programme reserves the right to use, share, transfer or sell data where it may be deemed to be in the interest of the Madzi Alipo programme. 


Changes to our Data Policy:

Over time our privacy policy may change. All changes will be made to this page. In the case of a significant change, we will provide each user with a more prominent notice via the email used for their personal Madzi Alipo Account. 

 If you have a question or concerns regarding the data collected via the app, please fill out the contact form below.

Last Edited By Olivia Butters on the 10th March 2017

Please click here to download a pdf of the privacy policy.


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