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The Dashboard

The Dashboard Screen

Once logged into the computer dashboard the following screen will appear. Until the filtering system is used to narrow down the water points of interest, no data will be shown.


The Dashboard Map uses the same navigation tools as Google Maps.

On the top right of the map, you can toggle between Map View or Satellite View. When zoomed in, Satellite view often helps to give a more accurate understanding of where a source is located.

On the bottom right of the map, you can adjust the map zoom level. This allows you to zoom out to get an overview of water coverage across the country or zoom into a village to see what water facilities are in place.

You can move around on the map by left clicking on the map and dragging with the mouse. As you drag, new map data will load to reveal the area you want to view. 

Using Filters to Find Relevant Data

To access the filters click on the Filter box in the top right of the dashboard screen and the following box will appear. Please note that not all the fields need to be filled in and a drop down box with the relevant options will appear below each category.

The Country Search allows you to select the country for which you would like to view data. All countries in the system have been divided up at a regional, district and local level and so once a country is selected you will be given the option to choose a region within that country using the Region Search. Having chosen a Region you can then choose a district and local zone.

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