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Welcome to the Madzi Alipo database


The Madzi Alipo Database is an online resource which is funded by the One Foundation. The database aims to; facilitate the provision of accurate country wide data on water availability, improve the collaboration between agencies working in the WASH sector, and enable accurate and timely feedback for sponsoring agencies, organisations, partners and individuals. 

The provision of up-to-date information on water availability is facilitated through the Madzi Alipo App which can update information to the database on a daily basis. 

What We Offer!

Madzi Alipo App Training Workshops.
A 2-day workshop guiding each user how to use the app in the field to collect water point information. Available in both Chichewa and English.
Click here for more details.
Data Storage, Visualisation and Security.
A secure platform for storing and viewing data geo-spatially. Varying levels of detail, from national level to individual water point information.
Data Dissemination and Regular Reporting.
Reporting Functionalities for all users to access, pull off and analyse information, review vulnerability and impact of action.
Telephone Update Facilities.
Mapping Exercises can be costly, repetitive and time consuming. Using the inbuilt telephone call centre functionality information is flagged to be updated every three months.
Data Sharing and Collaboration.
View your data in the wider context of other available information. Utilise the forum to maximise efforts and avoid cross over of work and project proposals.
Preventative Maintenance Training.
Assistance in data gaps, sustainability planning and training for communities and area mechanics in how to properly manage their water point, locate area mechanics and suppliers of spare parts. 


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