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My Girl Project

As Fisherman’s Rest continues to work with more and more schools, reaching girls and encouraging them to stay in education has been a voiced concern from many headmasters.

Being passionate about equality, makes this issue real to us.  Girls in rural Malawi so often don’t think they have the capability or opportunity to have alternative futures.


Through established relationships in the schools we work in, we can start to empower girls to think again.

Our hope is that like minded women jump on board with us and fight for girls to have a future in Malawi.

The first step is to combat some huge barriers that girls in rural Africa have to overcome in order to gain an education.  When girls enter puberty and start menstruating they generally drop out of school. Toilets in schools have no running water and no lights, sorting yourself out in these conditions is neither hygienic or easy.


Girls suffer medical problems from poor hygiene, culturally periods are not spoken about so these things go unattended.


Not only do the girls attending school have poor access to clean water, but more often than not, do not even have underwear.  The girls tie material to themselves with string because that is all they have available to them for underwear.  As you can imagine when it is the time of the month things can get incredibly difficult, the girls wrap rags around themselves or fill their underwear with cotton wool and material.  Some do not even have rags and use banana leaves.


If you would like to support a girl in Malawi with decent sanitary wear please click the button below

£5 buys a girl a re-useable sanitary pack which will last her between 2 & 3 years

If you would like to know more – drop us an email!

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