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Library Project

Another exciting project for Fisherman’s Rest is the provision of libraries. In partnership with Hope 4 Malawi and others, we are able to bring quality reading materials to students and teachers in their schools.


In August 2014, the team from Hope 4 Malawi joined us to open the new library at Mpemba Primary School which they have provided through their partners. The library has been painted with cartoon characters, colourful shelves and equipped with desks and chairs for the students to study on. A simple classification system has been established and organised in such a way that teachers and students can easily navigate their way around.


2015 is the start of two more libraries at Chimwabvi Primary and Nankhufi 2

2016 will bring a library to Chipwepwete Primary and Mtemaumo Primary Schools


We will be opening more libraries in our local primary schools in the near future and we will be adding IT technology to provide additional learning resources and opportunities.


If you would like to find out more about our library projects, please for more information.

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